Grupo Osés - Somos líderes en el sector de los forrajes: alfalfa, rye-grass, festuca.

Nafosa. Grupo Osés: alfalfa, alfalfa pellets, alfalfa sprouts, cotton seeds, festuca, forage, horse food, ryegrass

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Who we are?

Grupo Osés started out in the business world 70 years ago. Today it is the largest company in the dehydration industry in Europe.

The company consists of four dehydrating plants in Spain, and one plant in Argentina.

The company's main activity is the production of Dehydrated Forage. The main products we market are: dehydrated bales, pellets and cubes, sun-dried bales and we are currently developing a marketing line for cotton seed and beet pulp in order to offer those customers that come to us a complete service.

85% of our sales are now exported, the main markets in which we operate today being France, Portugal, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, etc. Our mid-term goal is to set up in developing markets.

We have a team that now reaches one hundred direct and three hundred indirect collaborators, committed to innovation, quality, service and with a broad experience in the sector.

Grupo Osés is at your disposal both at our facilities in Spain as well as in Argentina to offer you the best that we do, high-end top quality feed products.



What we can offer

  • Available throughout the year.
  • Consistent and reliable quality control: the most representative farms and feed mills of the countries we export to are among our customers. The Critical Points of our processes are regularly audited by external organizations to ensure optimal quality of our products.
  • Vertical integration: we control the quality of the whole process, from seeds to the customer's home.
  • Modern and environmentally-friendly production facilities. We should highlight the fact that the energy used in our dehydration plants comes from biomass.
  • Logistics service to the customer's home.

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